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4 Lesser Known Sarees That Are True Hidden Gems

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There are some gowns and the come ethereal sarees from the precious wardrobe of a woman where one can find thousands of designs, prints, colours and patterns. The same owner will say that it is next to nothing. Peers, you got to believe what she says because, in a market of thousands of new variants in sarees coming every week, you can’t rely on a dress which you bought years ago.

If you are a fashionista and love to fashion-forward among your peers and also for yourself, you got to choose which are unparallel-ably different. Here is the list of four lesser-known sarees that are true hidden gems.

Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani style is the cultural heritage of Rajasthan and Gujarat where the print was actually originated. Nowadays, you can find several types of dresses printed in this style. Bandhani or Bandhej adds grace to the beauty of every woman. There are some basic shades or colours that used in the making of Bandhani sarees, and they are red, yellow, green and blue. Most commonly, these sarees are made on the following fabrics — silk, cotton, cotton silk, chiffon and georgette. A great pick for the bridal sarees’ trousseau, Bandhani saree is a privilege to own.

Jamdani Sarees

The complete name of this type of saree is known as ‘Dhakai Jamdani’. The saree took its first form in Dhaka, Bangladesh and since then, it has been the favourite of real saree people of India, Bong women. The work and design of these sarees are loved and admired in West Bengal and other neighbour states. It is counted as one of the richest Indian textile product which was worn by the royals.

They have a sheer cotton texture which makes the lightest affairs among the fashion-forward women.

Kosa Silk Saree

One of the most indigenous raw materials obtained from the Indian silkworm is Kosa silk. These silkworms are found in trees like sal and saga. Now designers have woven it to create Kosa silk sarees which are now available with amazing designs, patterns and colours as well. This finest silk product can be worn with casual footwear on a lazy day and if it about a high collar party, don’t forget to spiff it up with a pearl necklace and high chin smile. They are also used as wedding wear sarees and impart a natural sheen as well.

Gamcha Sarees

Tell me the best and it will come from the indigenous land of West Bengal. And one such beauty craft is Gamcha saree which are crafted in the identical pattern of gamcha or towel in West Bengal. In those regions, the towels have special checkered patterns and are highly absorbent with starchy fabric. The same concern is used behind the crafting of these sarees as they are great to wear on sunny days. They absorb sweat like nothing else and stay light over your body as well. Wear them with plain flat sandals and rock the stage like an artist.

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