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How to Find the Correct Bra Size

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Although most women wear bras every day of their lives, many do not realise that they are very likely wearing the wrong size bra. The reason for this is that most stores do not offer professional, personalised bra sizing, leaving women to take their best guess on their size. This can lead to the discomfort that many women feel while wearing their bras; however, if you buy a good-quality bra at your exact right size, you should not experience discomfort. A great online lingerie company can give you the convenience of shopping online while also giving you resources to make sure that you are buying the correct size for your body. Here is another fine article on fitting.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Many women are wearing bras that fit incorrectly merely because they have never been shown how a bra should fit. The underband of your bra should be snug but not too tight, and the back part should be at the same level of the front portion and not pulled up at all. The underwire should also touch the ribs and feel secure but not so tight that it is digging into your skin, breast tissue, or underarm. Finally, the cups should not have a significant gap nor should your breasts be bulging over the top. The cups should fit comfortably around your breasts. These are all guidelines to keep in mind while buying a bra either in person or online.

Common Fitting Problems

Many women frequently voice that their bras are uncomfortable, digging into their skin, or not fitting well. If your back band is riding up, it may be because the band is too loose. In this case, go down a size or, if the band is snug, loosen the shoulder straps. If the cups on your bra are gapping, this is also a sign that the bra may be too large. Most women have one breast that is slightly larger than the other so always fit the larger breast to maintain your comfort. There are many different fitting problems that are common among women so make sure to follow a fitting guide carefully when choosing a size. Blossom Lingerie provides fitting guides and general fitting advice to help women buy the perfect bras for them.

Proper Care for Your Items

Most bras and lingerie are made with very delicate fabrics. For this reason, it is recommended that you hand wash all of your undergarments. This will make them keep their shape better and stay nice for much longer. Washing machines can cause damage to bras and lingerie so be careful when washing your new items.

Once you begin wearing a bra that truly fits, you will feel amazed at the difference it will make in your comfort. High-quality, supportive, and well-fitting bras are indeed a game changer for women. Find an online retailer that offers bras that fit all of these criteria, follow the fitting guide, and buy a couple of bras to try out. You will love them!

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