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Know the Trendy Thing in the Pilot Jackets

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Among all the jackets ever produced, the flight bomber jacket is viewed as the most famous of all time. Though they don’t get manufactured to be used by the Navy or the Air Force, yet they are similar jackets that are created making use of countless clothing manufacturers for casual wear. These jackets feature the common design of the first pilots’ jackets that were developed in the US. The original jackets that were made for the bomber pilots were created in the UK in the year 1915 and they were long leather jackets instead of the shorter ones and they are still very popular.

Now, if you compare an approved flight jacket with the style pilot jacket then you will discover that both do possess the same features like:

  • One snug-town-down fur collar
  • Ribbing around your waist
  • A couple of two big down pockets
  • Zippered front

The flight bomber jacket which was designed for the Air Force pilots had got seven horn buttons along with rib knit cuffs as well as waistband besides one narrow rib knit collar. Again, the actual jackets were only made from brown leather but with passing years, some synthetic materials are also used to make these jackets.

Features of the jackets

The leather form of these types of jackets is mostly used by military, bikers, and aviator. These jackets are viewed as the “in” things for people of both the genders. These jackets have gone through huge transformations over the years and presently, the majority of the teenagers love to have one of these jackets. These jackets are found in sheepskin, lambskin or suede and they are just perfect for comfort and warmth. In fact, there are hook-on designs too that are hugely favored by the teenagers because they are quite trendier in style.

These kinds of designs have got an additional warm woolly lining that comes with one detachable hood which can be taken out anytime easily. The majority of the people love to wear these jackets because it provides them an opportunity to generate another identity which is certainly more interesting and appealing and that in turn, them more fashionable. The women’s jackets come in brown color and they are comfortable besides being stylish. The color pleases the eyes and women wear them with a pair of black denim and jeans. Women also combine these jackets with white flowery dress plus brown knee-high boots.

Stylized jackets for women

Today’s women are simply in love with a pilot jacket. If you watch women of the biggest cities of the world then you will recognize this fact. However, unlike men, women do not prefer the genuine types plus styles; instead, they go with the fashion element present in the jackets. Hyped by some really talented fashion designers, women from all over the world are seen wearing the adapted designs of these jackets. The majority of the jackets that women wear today are close to the actual designs meant for men. The women’s jackets are little different and do not look like utilitarian clothing at all.

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