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What are the main factors to watch out for before buying a playpen for your kid?

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During the fast growing years of your child, a playpen is that piece of furniture which you should definitely invest on. A playpen offers a precise and small play area for your child and being a parent you can be sure about the fact that your baby won’t wander off even if you’re not mindful about him. Parents can let their babies remain inside it alone while they continue doing their household chores. While some have vertical bars, some others even have windows on the side walls.

No matter how safe your baby is inside a playpen, it can never be a substitute for parental supervision. Hence, even though you may have the best baby playpen, don’t ever leave your child unattended when he is within that enclosed play area. Here are few things parents should watch out for before buying the playpens.

#1: The material which is used for making the playpen

Conventional playpens were usually constructed of wood and even today wooden playpens are extremely popular among parents due to their elegance and durability. Parents are usually of the opinion that the post look which a wooden playpen provides to a room can never be provided by any other material. Be careful that the nails and screws don’t hurt your baby. Steel is one more material which is a popular choice.

#2: The shape and size of the playpen

Parents usually want as much size as is possible inside a playpen and hence the shape rectangular is preferred than the others. The playpens have vertical bars which have a gap of 2 to 2and half inches in order to facilitate ventilation. Don’t choose playpens with gaps wider than these as such gaps may trap any body part of your child. Ensure it’s easy-to-fold and that it needs small place of storage.

#3: A playpen which can be converted to a crib

One of the most vital characteristics of a playpen is when it serves 2 characteristics of being a playpen and also a crib at the same time. If your baby wishes to sleep, you can transform the playpen into a crib and otherwise leave it as a playing area. Such a playpen can be useful particularly when you’re traveling from one place to another. If the bedding is attached to the playpen, what more can you ask for?

#4: The walls

The sides of the playpen or the walls should be higher than the height of the baby so that you could ward off any accidents that may happen due to the baby trying to climb the walls. When the bars are vertical, the baby can use them as a support to walk and move around.

Hence, as we see playpens are the best investments that a parent can make during the growing years of her child. Take into account the above mentioned factors before choosing a playpen so that you can end up choosing the best for your baby.

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